Our Recent MP Candidate

Thanks to all those who cast their ballot for our federal MP candidate, Gabe Rose, on September 20th, 2021. Green votes press our government on action with issues that voting green tells them are important to us!

About Gabe Rose

Gabe Rose, a proud resident of Hespeler, is a young health care worker who believes strongly in treating others with kindness and helping those in need of support.

His lifelong passion for helping people brought him to a career in health care. Gabe currently works as a medical laboratory technologist at St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener. He has previous work and volunteer experience in hospitals, public health, and mental health.

Gabe brings the perspective of a frontline health care worker, and as a Member of Parliament he would advocate for the improvement of our health care system, including long-term care, mental health and addictions. He also seeks to be a voice for the younger generations who have inherited a warming planet and an increasingly inequitable society.

Gabe is looking forward to fighting for the interests of people in Kitchener South-Hespeler and working to heal our country from not only the pandemic, but the many economic and social issues facing the country that have existed for decades.

A message from Gabe

I believe that government should be a force for good in people’s lives. I think Parliament is currently broken, and we need more loving and caring MPs that are interested in helping people above all other considerations. I am passionate about being a part of this change.

One way we all can influence the current power brokers in government, is to support Green Party of Canada candidates. As the Green party gets stronger, the other parties will take note that our policies are popular with people, which will cause the other parties to adopt similar policies, or risk losing more voter support to the Greens. We’ve seen that recently with the NDP adopting a lot of policies that the Greens have been promoting for years. To be honest I don’t think the Liberals or Conservatives will ever change. Their primary goals are to retain power, and to help their well-connected, elite, wealthy group of people and large corporations.

My top priorities are:

-Transforming our healthcare system into one that is truly universal. This vision includes publicly-funded and fully accessible mental health care, addictions support, pharmacare, long-term care, home/community care, dental, vision, hearing care, and physiotherapy/rehab.

-Addressing the climate crisis. I believe in transitioning our country away from fossil fuels as soon as possible, while ensuring those who work in that sector are fully supported, and transitioned into equivalent roles in the clean energy sector. I would like to see a federal agency dedicated to developing and operating renewable energy options across the country. There is far more that needs to be done in regards to the climate crisis. The Green Party of Canada is the only party with an effective plan for action on climate change, environmental protection and protecting biodiversity, while also improving the quality of life for our country's citizens. I am proud to advocate for the elements of our plan called “Mission Possible.

-Affordable housing. It’s becoming extremely unaffordable to own or even rent a home these days, and this issue has spread to every corner of the country, but is particularly acute in Waterloo Region. One of the main issues is that there is not enough housing supply to meet demand. I would support the creation of a federal, public housing development agency that would be responsible for building hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of homes. And I don’t just mean giving money to private developers to build more homes. I believe the government needs to take on a bigger role in the housing sector, and compete with the private developers so that people can own or rent homes at the same cost it takes to build the homes, removing profit out of the equation. Housing should be treated as a human right, not as a way for speculators and investors to get rich.

I do not believe in over-taxing working class people. The majority of us are already paying more than our fair share of taxes. I think large corporations should be paying their fair share as well. This is especially true for those making hundreds of millions, or billions in profit. There are many efficiencies to be found in the country’s finances, and I believe the government must be good stewards of our tax money. There is so much money wasted that could be spent on better priorities. For example, the purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline, fossil fuel subsidies, and even this recent unnecessary pandemic election, which cost taxpayers approximately $600 million. Think of all the ways that money could have been spent to improve the lives of Canadians!

I look forward to engaging with as many of you as I can. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to tell me what your priorities are for our next government.

  • Gabe Rose

You can contact me at
or (226) 476-4529

Climate Leaders don't buy or build new pipelines. The Green Party stands by this principle, as does Gabe.

While it is great to see that the local NDP candidate has joined Gabe in pledging to stop the (TMX) Trans Mountain pipeline, his leader Jagmeet Singh has said that despite he has always opposed it - he would review the economic case in whether or not to follow through with its completion, since Trudeau has committed us to it. (As Singh stated on the CBC Sept 4th, and on Sept 8th in the French All-Leaders debate) Singh did not say whether or not environmental costs or concerns would influence his decision.

We need a clean energy transition now... not after we burn our last chance for sustainability. We need the greens now.

Vote for Gabe and greens everywhere.

Gabe at Jacob's Landing, which is a short walk from his home in Hespeler.

Moving things for the better - is best done together!

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