KSH Issues for Action

We are a local group of residents working to foster community-based, inclusive Green policy making, that is built on dialogue with local residents, and input from community leaders and researchers. Our Green Vision is to build a coalition for positive change that can overcome social barriers, and improve the health of each other and our planet. This means climate action, social justice, and the transition to a green economy.

Democratic Reforms Including Proportional Representation 

We prioritize participatory democratic engagement as the principal mandate of the local Green Party Association. To have all citizens effectively represented in government would result in better legislation for everything government does. We need all political parties to have representation and influence that reflects how voters cast their ballots. We need a system of Proportional Representation to have an effective democracy.

Poverty Elimination with a GLI

Poverty is the number one impact on an individuals health. Inadequate housing, inability to buy healthy food, and the social isolation that comes from not being able to afford participation in society - make people physically sick and mentally unwell.  The cost of allowing poverty to remain is greater than the cost to eliminate it with a Guaranteed Liveable Income, a variation of the UBI. 

Housing Availability & Affordability

There is a shameful, ongoing, severe shortage of affordable housing available. This is true not just for those that need supportive assistance, but it is also true for those who are fully employed, with good jobs, but are facing skyrocketing housing prices, with accompanying higher property taxes, which keep home ownership out of reach. These issues are close cousins to poverty, but have distinct different root causes which have also been neglected.

Climate Action & Protecting the Planet's Biodiversity

The human race is interconnected with the rest of nature, and we are harming that nature at our own peril. When we kill ecosystems and lessen biodiversity, we threaten our own extinction. Climate change is happening at a rate that species can not adapt to. Pollution and elimination of natural habitats are killing them too. Changing environments undermine our food production. If allowed to continue on its current course, lives lost and the economic costs will far outweigh the cost had we intervened now.

Tuition Free University, College and the Skilled Trades

An educated citizenry makes for a skilled work force that innovates and better competes on the world stage. It improves the quality of life for our citizens and strengthens our economic security. A higher education should not have roadblocks for those without financial privilege.

Moving things for the better - is best done together!

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