Party Membership Matters

Party membership is not automatic with being a donor. Some people donate to more than one political party, and actually become a member of none. To be a more meaningful green supporter, you likely want to join for several of these reasons:

Official party policy is made by Green Party members whom submit a proposal and have it met with two-thirds of voting members approval. Our broad membership grassroots discussion and decision making, has us truly be a party of the people. You can help shape policy.

The local party candidate is chosen by the local Green Party members whom vote to choose their preference. And members may also step up to offer their service as our candidate. You can help decide who is on the ballot to represent us.

Executives in the local association are Green Party members, helping chart our local community's green efforts. We decide our own agenda locally, not someone at the party's head office.

You can become a member of the federal and the provincial party, by joining each of them separately - a one year membership is $10 and a three year is $25.

If you aren't sure if you have a current membership, just reach out to us and ask! Or you can just renew, even if it is a bit early.

Membership, its renewal fees and non-directed contributions fund head office campaign endeavours. If you wish to move our local campaigns forward, then donating locally is something you'd likely want to do and we appreciate your help.

Moving things for the better - is best done together!

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