The 2023 Green UpClean Up dates are springing up on our calendar.
Let's Team Up.

Community Challenge 2021!

Kitchener South - Hespeler Greens invited YOU, your family and friends to a Community Challenge!!

For the two weeks leading up to EARTH DAY on April 22nd, we challenged you in your COVID compliant groups of 5 or less, to clean up your neighbourhoods – streets, parks, pathways – anywhere! You stepped up to show Mother Nature some tender loving care!

We asked for your photos of your crews in action to KSHgreens@gpo.ca so we could post your accomplishments on this page. We held a random draw on April 23rd to award one crew with a spring prize pack from local eco-friendly small businesses.

We thank you all for looking after your environment!

#GreenUpCleanUP Winners

Miles, Dave, Theo and Flo - are winners of the Green Up Clean Up Challenge. The family joined us at Jacob‘a Landing for our first of the season park cleaning and then took the Green Clean up Challenge for Earth Day - going out several days to pick up garbage in their local Hespeler Park!

Thanks to this family and everyone else out there helping to keep our community clean!

Our KSHgreens #GreenUpCleanUp in Hespeler

Saturday, March 27th at 10:30 am til noon, was our first planned bi-weekly clean up of 2021.

Because Covid has us locked down again and we at Kitchener South - Hespeler Greens want to ensure your safety and health, we are forgoing our regular bi-weekly trail/park clean ups (for now) and encouraging YOU, your family and friends to this Community Challenge!!

Sandy Nickel on a CleanUp!

Kristen Porritt is giving an assist.

& Migo giving motivational support!

Florence Szabo took this picture of her family taking a break on the bench, while out doing a clean up at Weaver Park and the tennis courts.

This family is out doing a community clean up EVERY DAY during this month of being in a COVID lockdown. Way to go!

Marilyn Otton enjoyed taking a couple hours on a perfect sunny day for a clean up on the four sides of the parking lot of the Marguerite Ormston Trailway at Homer Watson and Doon South Drive.

Moving things for the better - is best done together!

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