KSHgreens 2023 Earth Day
Community CleanUp Challenge

Our six Saturday mornings in a row of springtime litter cleanups began with our Earth Day Community Clean-up Challenge and Contest. 

The winners of our contest are;
First prize - Graeme Laubach, who participated with the KSHgreens crew
Second prize - Marie Meyer, who did her own cleanup on Green Valley Drive.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our cleanups or will yet contribute in upcoming activities!

The first prize package consists of a pottery bowl made from the earth in BC, a hot beverage pottery mug made in PEI, and two KSHgreens uni-sex T-shirts. 

The second prize package consists of two KSHgreens uni-sex T-shirts.

The bowl was made by Karel Peters of Kooterra Pottery. 10" diameter and 5" deep. 

The mug was made by Ryan at Rise Pottery.

The 2023 spring GreenUp CleanUp dates are on our calendar.
Let's Team Up. 

A #GreenUpCleanUp event on Saturday, March 27th 2021

Sandy Nickel on a CleanUp! 

Kristen Porritt is giving an assist. 

& Migo giving motivational support!

Florence Szabo took this picture of her family taking a break on the bench, while out doing a clean up at Weaver Park and the tennis courts. 

This family did a community clean up EVERY DAY for one entire month.  Way to go!

Marilyn Otton enjoyed taking a couple hours on a perfect sunny day for a clean up on the four sides of the parking lot of the Marguerite Ormston Trailway at Homer Watson and Doon South Drive.

Moving things for the better - is best done together!

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