Democratic Reforms Including Proportional Prepresentation 

We prioritize participatory democratic engagement as the principal mandate of the local Green Party Association. To have all citizens effectively represented in government would result in better legislation for everything government does. We need all political parties to have representation and influence that reflects how voters cast their ballots. We need a system of Proportional Representation to have an effective democracy.   

Our current First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system is "winner take all". A party can win by one vote more than the second place finisher in just over half the ridings, and have a "majority" government with a minority of votes. The second place finisher may have more total votes overall in "wrong winner" elections. A third party could have over 30% of the votes in every riding and not win even one seat, silencing the voice of one-third of all voters. 

Disproportionate and unpredictable outcomes are features of FPTP. Many voters are under-represented, while others are as over-represented as if the ballot box was stuffed with extra votes for their party. 

A fairer proportional system will encourage citizen participation, as it will accurately reflect how people vote. It will demand cross-party collaboration and consensus-building to create stronger, long-lasting policies.

We need government that respects and engages citizens and communities; building partnerships to develop sensible solutions, instead of imposing top-down bureaucratic solutions. We need to have checks and balances to ensure that all public officials are held to high ethical standards, including implementing principles of open government that lead to fairness and transparency. It’s time for more democracy.

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