Tuition Free University, College and the Skilled Trades

An educated citizenry makes for a skilled work force that innovates and better competes on the world stage. It improves the quality of life for our citizens and strengthens our economic security. A higher education should not have roadblocks for those without financial privilege.

We all know how important primary and secondary education is for all citizens, which is why we have it taxpayer funded. The benefits to citizens and society do not stop there.

While housing and education costs have run rampant compared to wage increases, putting oneself through post secondary education has become less affordable than it once was. Be it the skilled trades, a college or university education - those adept for a pursuit should not be held back from advancement because they were not born to a more well-off family.

Progressive countries, acknowledging this truth, have already implemented tuition-free universities, including those in Germany, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Norway.

We will fight to

  • Bring in tuition-free post secondary education for the skilled trades, colleges and universities, to allow students to be educated based upon aptitude rather than financial privilege or credit score.

  • Forgive outstanding government held student debt in amounts over $20,000

What you can do

  • Write your MP and MPP and ask they support access to education based upon merit of aptitude, rather than financial ability to pay or take credit.

Moving things for the better - is best done together!

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