Our Provincial

MPP Candidate

The next Ontario provincial election is set to be held on or before June 2nd, 2022.

The Kitchener South - Hespeler Association of the Green Party of Ontario is currently seeking good members of our community wishing to put themselves forward as our prospective MPP candidate. Representing our community and promoting our values of social justice and equity, moving to a strong green economy while living in harmony with our planet that sustains life, is an undertaking which is challenging, but is noble and satisfying.

Those wishing to run as a candidate must first take out a Green Party membership if they have not already done so. Similarly, anyone wishing to vote in choosing our local candidate, must have a provincial Green Party of Ontario membership for 30 days prior to being able to vote.

Green Party of Ontario memberships can be obtained by clicking here.

If you are interested in participating within the nomination contest in any capacity, please contact our association Nominations Committee Chair, Marie Bridel at mbridelgp@gmail.com

Individuals wishing to be a nominee are encouraged to do so. An explanation of the process and the application form which you must submit to the Green Party of Ontario can be found at this link: https://gpo.ca/nominations-process/

Applications are now being accepted, and the date to close nominaton applications in Kitchener South - Hespeler is the 16th of October 2021. The nomination meeting date will be set shortly thereafter.

Whether you become a nominee for candidate or join to be a voting member in deciding our local representative, both are vital components of our democracy.

We should all be proud to participate in this process, and we thank you for doing so!

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Moving things for the better - is best done together!

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